Frequently asked Questions

1--Who is worldschoollist?

worldschoollist is a completely free local business directory for local business owners in Vietnam.It is 100% FREE!


2-How can I list my institution on WorldSchoollist

It is quick and easy to list your institution here. Click on the add institution button on the menu page and simple add your institution details .Your institution will not appear on the site right away as it can take up to 72 hours for us to check the listing and update our database.Do not forget to add content to your listing including a detailed description.

3-How can I ensure my listing is approved?

Write a detailed contact information and description about your institution.It is 100% free to add these information.

4-How to update your listing on WorldSchoollist

If there is an error in your listing you can correct it easily and quickly. The easiest way to update your listing is to go to the page where your listing is and click on "claim listing" button that is located underneath your listing and simply follow the prompt.

5-How to delete your listing from WorldSchoollist

To completely remove your listing from this website please go to the page where your listing is and click on "report incorrect listing" and follow the prompt that follow. Listings deletion request submitted this way will be treated immediately. Please we strongly advice that you follow this step to delete your listing.


6-Why is it Free , and why don't you charge people to add their institution?

For now it is free and we believe this is our little contribution to support local institutiones in Vietnam by helping them maximise and increase their online presense.In the future we plan to charge a small fee to help us maintain this website


7-How did you get your listing?

Listing is 100% free and so people list their institution .We also source some of the details from publicly available places


8-How do I correct the map location, it is showing wrong address location for my listing?

.Please edit the address in your listing, and make sure you add only the address. Please don't include, buildings, block numbers, etc. in the address. You can add those in the body of your listing description.

9-How do I write a review?

You can write a review on any institution .Go to the listing page and add a review-email and phones will not be published

For other queries please send an email to mailman at com

. **************NOTE --For removal and update of listing please follow the instruction stated On item no 5